Carole David
Carole David
President / Founder
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Les Entreprises Charlize Inc

Manufactured in Quebec. Delivery throughout Canada
and the United States.

Founded in 2013, Les Entreprises Charlize (Charlize Enterprises) manufactures and distributes competitively priced high quality locker bottoms (Inserts - Trays).

Our factory is located in Boisbriand and our head office is in Mirabel. We deliver our products worldwide. Our production and customer service teams ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Manufacturing – Sales – Delivery

514 944-4323

Locker Bottoms... A No-Brainer !!
By Raffi Boyadjian

The best products are always the ones that are created out of
necessity. The first time I heard about Locker Bottoms or
Locker Inserts, I thought what a great idea... Read more


We offer a simple and economical solution to protect your new lockers or give a second lease on life to your existing ones. To prevent premature deterioration requiring costly repairs to your lockers, protect them with locker bottoms from Charlize.


Dependable and courteous customer service. Our business relationships are intended for the long term. Submission response in 24 hours or less.


  • From 1 to 10 business days.
  • Vast inventory of products in stock.
  • Express delivery service available.

Meeting your needs

Schools – CEGEPs – Colleges – Universities – Hospitals – Gyms or Fitness facilities – Police stations – Fire station. Serving manufacturing and industrial sectors. Anywhere lockers are found!

Superior quality products

Locker bottoms (Inserts - Trays)

  • 4 sizes (inches) 10’’X 18’’, 12’’X 15’’, 12’’X 18’’ and 15’’X 10’’.
  • 9 attractive colors to complement your lockers.


  • Wood bench seats and steel legs. Mounting bolts are included with bench legs. Quality at a VERY competitive price.

Corrosion proof

Solid plastic – Never rusts – Withstands all household and industrial cleaning products.


Practically indestructible – Solid plastic construction for optimal useful life – Patented design.


Maintenance-free. Saves your business time and money. Charlize locker bottom inserts are guaranteed for 15 years.

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